• Put people first in your overall business performance

    Measure, monitor and control the Quality of Work Life (QWL) to increase your employees motivation and engagement and your business efficiency.

  • Initiate the MerryWell® approach

    Employee wellness develops performance, motivation and loyalty to your company.


    Take control of your QWL strategy

    • Concrete KPIs to prioritize your choices and arbitrate your investments and budget allocations,
    • QWL actions in line with your employees' needs and aspirations.

    Develop the wellness and increase efficiency

    • Engage your ambassadors and your QWL committee, support your managers,
    • Reduce absenteeism and sick leaves, prevent psychosocial risks (PSR).

    Attract and retain your talents

    • More passion among your employees,
    • Enhance your employee experience and strengthen your employer brand.
  • How does it work?

    Build a better environnement and organization for the wellness of your employees

    Collect data

    From your employees

    Get your MerryScore®

    And an analysis of your QWL factors

    Receive a concrete action plan

    To optimize your QWL and assess the effects

  • The MerryScore®




    A measurement methodology:

    • Innovative and original,
    • Based on people,
    • That quantifies a subjective perception and their dynamics,
    • Which gets richer by iteration.


    We combine innovative QWL approaches and the science of the psychometric questionnaire with powerful machine learning algorithms to train intelligent lever and action choices to improve wellness and quality of work life.

  • Features

    Multifactor analysis

    Anonymity of employees

    Harvesting in real time

    Validation by our Ethics & Scientific Committee

    Multilingual and multicultural

    GDPR Compliance

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